Enterprise File Sync & Share


eLogic File Sync & Share (EFSS)
allows you to create and share files or documents. 
EFSS works very similar to the widely used DROPBOX but it is developed on a Private Cloud and protects your file security. The service works immediately after the activation and is protected by Cryptography and Data Backup. 

eLogic File Sync & Share 
provides a dedicated and private archive server, located on italian datacenter.
It runs on a open source software called OWNCLOUD,
the italian leader for EFSS solutions. 

Your Data are synchronized in a folder of your laptop or
in APP for mobile (available for iOS and Android).

You can customize graphic elements of your eLogic File Sync & Share,
adding your logo and your brand colours.

With eLogic file Sync & Share you can send
and receive documents with every device!

Saving Documents

You can save from a textual file, to an image or even a video.
All documents and files are available everywhere and in every device (desktop, notebook, tablet, smartphone).

You can organize folders with different documents and for different teams.

Sharing Documents

You just need to send an e-mail for share specific documents or folders. The access could be protected with a password or a deadline. 

If you need to share documents with third parties, you can create a separate access.  


You automatically sync documents, with our Application.
It is available for desktop (Windows, Mac and Linus) and mobile (iOS and Android). 

The App allows you to work on your personal computer, where you find the copy of files available on Cloud (and vice versa). 
eLogic File Sync & Share means security for your documents.

File Synchronization 

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