Backup Vault & Disaster Recovery

YOUR  IT SERVICES are always available 

eLogic has the right answer for data security and service continuity,
especially if your company has adopted VMware and HyperV virtual infrastructures. 

If your needs are restore services as quickly as possible and
recover data after an anomalous cancellation,
we have the right solution!

Traditional backup procedures are not enough today. 
We ensure data integrity with the use of Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
and Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

Cloud Backup Vault

eLogic Cloud Backup Vault is a useful service
 for archiving data in our private Cloud Backup. 

You can recover data at any time, even if you destroy your Hardware or you are victim of theft.
 Cloud Backup always protects your file recovery.  

Our solution use
VEEAM Cloud Connect technology with Backup Copy.

Don't lose sleep and adopt
 Backup & Disaster Recovery

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