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Key Performance Index is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving online business goals. 

In eLogic we have no doubts, every marketing activity must have few and clear KPI. 
For this reason, the production of KPI increases exponentially across different Insight Platforms (such as, Web, Blog, Social, Dem, etc), creating several management challenge. 

We help you to collect and analyze your Key Performance Indicators, with a simple and intuitive platform.

Data Analysis Tools

  • eLogic suggests Analytics Tools, that allow you to collect your Key Performance Indicators in a repository. We obtain Data from different Channels, such as Web, Google Analytics, Social Networks, Data Storage in DEM Platforms or marketing automation. 

    In every place or moment, you can get into your data storage using a web portal. Our specialists periodically illustrate you about data and improve your Digital Marketing activities.

Do you want to know best strategies to measure your on-line success?

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