Intranet Portal

An Intranet Portal allows the information sharing between companies and Stakeholders. We guarantee access via web, smartphone or tablet.

When you’re putting your digital documents out into the digital arena, you want to be sure that the doors that need to be locked stay locked. 
Users ID is an authentication mechanisms that protects your sensitive information, authorising you to share only specific data with specific partners. 

Nowadays, an Intranet Portal clearly improve your
internal organizationprocess and workforce productivity

Ten Years' Experience

eLogic has developed Intranet Portals for many companies such as Federfarma, Peugeot Automobili Italia and
Eni Exploration & Product Division.

is the largest Italian association of private pharmacies.
With more than 15.000 partners, they have asked for a portal that supports the information sharing from their headquarters to their associated enterprises. 

has required a portal for Journalists,
in order to collect their information and multimedia contents. 

 has asked for a portal that favour communications between their internal specialists around the world. 

Your efficient Intranet Portal