Digital Strategy


We find the best solution for your Web-Marketing Goals.
When we build relationships with our customers, we discover the
emotional side of brand and the relevant features of products and customer's expectations. ​Our aim is to communicate the best of your organization.

Analyzing your entrerprise, we organize your Key Performance Index (KPI) and
we select suitable Digital Marketing Channels.
At the end of the analysis, we develop a plan aimed at achieving your busines Goals .
​A compelling digital marketing strategy is the heart of your business.

The last Keypoint for your business efficiency is a Skill Gap Analysis. It measures the gap between current skills of your team and the required skillset, allowing you to create a specific training programm. 

Digital Marketing Strategy

In a Digital Marketing Strategy we consider:

  • Web Site & Portal A successful website reflects your company, your products and your services. It must be visually attractive, polish and easy to use.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) SEO strategies increase the visibility of a website in natural search results. 
  • Internet Advertising (SEA) SEA Advertising allows you to select and reach your target or specific niche markets. It helps you to reach your target audience in high competition markets. 
  • Digital PR. If a testimonial promotes you on the web, you could reach higher audience than a TV channel. For this reason, we suggest you to improve Digital Public Relations.
  • Social Media Marketing. 1,5 Million people load everyday in Facebook (WeAreSocial2016) and a segment represents your target.
    There is a long list of Social Networks, but they are not all suitable for your needs. We select best Channels for reaching your ideal audience.   
  • Direct Email Advertising. Email Marketing is a strategy adpoted for increase your customers loyalty. 
  • Content Marketing.  Content marketing helps the production of useful information, which represent your ''ace in the hole''.

Tell us your aims and we will customize  a compelling
Digital Marketing Strategy!

La nostra offerta

Innovation Does

Uniti dall'innovazione digitale per aiutare le organizzazioni a vincere le sfide del mercato e del futuro.

Dinova ha l'obiettivo di creare l'ecosistema ideale dove il miglioramento delle persone stimola il progresso incessante delle organizzazioni.

Da oggi eLogic è parte di Dinova.
Abbiamo unito le forze con altre tre importanti realtà nel panorama dell'innovazione digitale non solo per ampliare la nostra offerta e rispondere in modo completo a tutte le esigenze del business, ma anche perché condividiamo un approccio determinato, proattivo e orientato al risultato.