Website Design & USX

the answer for YOUR WEB IDENTITY

We design and build websites that you'll be proud to show your customers. 
The ‘look' is everything for your web reputation.
If you provide high quality products or services, you should consider also your web reputation. How customers perceive you? With a customer-oriented solution 
you can improve your website's accuracy, usability, contents quality and device compatibility. 

With Content Management System, we manage back-end and front-ent objectives (including communication, usability, user-experience, engagement and call to action).

eLogic Marketing Area ensures successful Marketing Plans, with a focus on your marketing goals and on the maintenance of your information system. 


A Website requires:

  • Aim A website is a necessity for small businesses, home-based businesses, multinationals or anybody selling products or services. The creation of a Website requires the definition of commercial purposes, marketing plan and business process optimization.
  • User Experience (USX) USX improves user's pleasure in interaction with websites. If you define Personas, you can have a deeper understanding of users needs and values.
  • Communication e Copy Visual Communication and Copy must be specifically designed for Web Contents and should ''suggest'' specific actions to users.
  • Multidevice Developers pay attention to usability, understanding how users may manage the same Website contents with different devices.
  • Maintainability ​A Content Management System supports the control of suitable contents for your strategy. 
  • Extensibility It means define medium or long term plans, ensuring continuos progress.
  • Promotion Do you have an excellent website that no one knows? A crucial point for your plan is the percentage of  budget you want to invest in Promotional Campaigns. 
  • Measurability KPI and others parameters allow us to evaluate your business plan success and collect data on advertisement effectiveness.
  • Infrastructure Management The infrastructure management is usually underestimated. If you have a successful project, you should have an infrastructure that support your users growth. 

Do you want an appealing Website for your company?

La nostra offerta

Innovation Does

Uniti dall'innovazione digitale per aiutare le organizzazioni a vincere le sfide del mercato e del futuro.

Dinova ha l'obiettivo di creare l'ecosistema ideale dove il miglioramento delle persone stimola il progresso incessante delle organizzazioni.

Da oggi eLogic è parte di Dinova.
Abbiamo unito le forze con altre tre importanti realtà nel panorama dell'innovazione digitale non solo per ampliare la nostra offerta e rispondere in modo completo a tutte le esigenze del business, ma anche perché condividiamo un approccio determinato, proattivo e orientato al risultato.