Kentico CMS & EMS


Kentico CMS is one of the most appreciated Online Marketing Platform, where you can manage communication and web-based services.  
It is a software for enterprise category in Microsoft technology.

With Kentico CMS, your Marketing Area can easily control and customize Portal content or multimedia. The Platform is the best solution for Multilingual or Multimarket Portals, Multisites Networks and the Workflow Management. Kentico supports the tool for Multi-Device Delivery.

EMS Software, as an extension of Kentico CMS, is adopted for Online Marketing Solutions. It provides functionalities as content customization, multivariant test, buyer personas profiling and communication campaign management.

Kentico CMS & EMS is recognised in the Challenger quadrant of the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant and is the choice of many ''big'' of the business world such as, Microsoft, McDonald's or Twinings.

Kentico CMS

  • Easy & Understandable Editorial Environment
  • Multilingual Support
  • Multiuser Backoffice 
  • Workflow management 
  • Lead Scoring Software
  • Multisites management
  • SEO Oriented
  • Newsletter e Database Tools
  • Multimedia Gallery
  • E-Commerce Module
  • Development Framework
  • Intranet Portal

  • Kentico CMS Functionalities 
  • ​Buyer Personas identification 
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Content Personalization
  • Multivariant Test
  • Development Framework
  • Visual Marketing Automation set up tool
  • Funnel Definition
  • Visual Workflow set up tool
  • Campaign Manager
  • Analytics

It has truly been a successful year for our websites.
Today, a year after the start, our websites have collected over 550,000 visitors to a total of more than 1.7 million page views. Compared with the previous version we have increased the number of visitors by 400%. Fully operational now, we have over 56,000 visits per month with an average of 600 monthly contacts.
Just a couple of curiosities:
Visitors come from all over the world. Only three countries are missing: Greenland, North Korea and South Sudan. In the last six months not a single hour has passed without a visitor surfing our pages.
Not so bad after all!

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